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CornerStone App Solutions (CAS)

“CAS is into Data Platform automation space of Finance domain of various business dealing with Excel Spreadsheet Automation” We research your finance related issues/concerns and address these using our CAS automation tool.
We take the additional extra mile effort to address your business problems with a faster and cost effective approach. Our scalable solutions adapts new business requirements extremely fast and this is truly possible with our extensible solution.
Accountants and Finance professionals spend hours working with excel and creating reports which is extremely time consuming, repetitive and boring. Our CAS automation tool is a handy solution for business end users who are working daily with Spreadsheet related activities like consolidations and reconciliations.
We automate the entire process by eliminating the need for macros and complex formulas. CAS automation tool effectively reverse engineer manual business workflows done using spreadsheets and manage complex data by organizing them into an easy-to-use “Data Platform” that can be locally installed with local Database and remotely hosted.
We do free POC(Proof Of Concept) for our customers, especially the early adopters(Initial 15 customers) of our CAS automation solution. We let our customers use our products free for initial 3 months, later we charge them on subscription model. Our prices are reasonably cheap since the tools used are Open source.

Shadow IT - Our role as Shadow IT solution providers

Shadow IT is a term often used to describe information-technology systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without explicit organizational approval. It is also used, along with the term "Stealth IT", to describe solutions specified and deployed by departments other than the IT department.

“…Shadow IT can actually be a good thing, as long as some basics like security and governance are consistently addressed.”

POC1 – Payroll Automation

Business problem
The Payroll administrator had to manually consolidate and validate the excel spreadsheets that he received from the Call center manager on a bi weekly basis to settle the payments of the Call center employees. This manual task had to be handled diligently and in a timely manner so that the call center agents get their payments on time.
CAS automation tool consolidates all the excel sheets received from the Call center manager and these are taken into a Database. SQL queries are run to generate employee id and pay-out related details as per the call center agent's clocked in hours. The output excel report thus generated is directly mailed to their payroll processing company like ADP.
The whole payment process was automated by using CAS automation tool and the overall time taken by Payroll administrator was brought down from 6 hours to 4 minutes per week. This saved Finance team lot of time and services were extended for Payroll Companywide after this pilot of Call center agents payroll automation.

POC2 – Settlement Automation

Business problem
The Billing Settlement Manager and team needed to manually consolidate and process several excel spreadsheets (to capture the changes in call rates) that they received from different Telco Service providers daily to settle the payments of roaming charges as per changed new call rates, within 45 days. This manual task had to be handled carefully as per new rates and completed before the stipulated timeframe to avoid non-payment issues.
CAS automation tool consolidated the excel sheets from different Telco Service providers with effective changed call rates into a Database along with Master call rate sheet and SQL queries were run to generate variance and other helpful reports for settling the outstanding invoices and for Billing the end user. The reports thus generated for changes in call rates helped in doing settlements at exceptionally faster rates.
The whole Settlement process was automated by using CAS automation tool and the overall time taken by Settlement Manager and team was brought down from 28 hours to 18 minutes per week. This saved a lot of time of Settlement department and slowly Procurement team of this Company followed them to utilize CAS automation solutions to automate their departmental activities.

POC3 – Cell Tower Estimation and Planning

Business problem
The Cell Tower Position Planning team of Telco company was manually consolidating and validating the numerous received excel spreadsheets (from other teams) and manually maintaining Excel spreadsheet based, Master data sheet locally. This manual task had to be handled carefully by capturing details about current and new Cell towers and updating into Master excel sheet and other Production systems on daily basis. This process was very time consuming and error prone.
CAS automation tool consolidated all the excel sheets received from different teams and these are taken into a Database and SQL queries are run to generate modified parameters for new Cell tower activations and changes for existing Cell Towers, inclusive of their location details. The master data thus maintained in database was efficient way to capture data of Old and New cell towers with details so as to refer back as and when needed. The CAS automation tool provides the option to share/present local database with another team member (with restricted controls) on a web browser.
This Cell Tower Planning process was automated using CAS automation tool and the overall time taken by different teams across the Organizations was brought down from 18 hours to 16 minutes per week. This saved a lot of time for Cell Tower changes implementation and now the plan is to have enhanced features of displaying Cell tower details on Mobile app and have Field Test engineers to use this CAS automation solution integrated with ticketing system.
Dashboard and Data visualizations provides pictorial view of the Cell Towers and analytics provides more in-depth details of the Cell Towers. This was not achievable earlier using simpler solutions and Excel spreadsheet data.

POC4 – Funds Estimation and Planning automation

Business problem
The Chief Finance officer of an established firm in Doha, Qatar was manually managing their Funds(Loans) estimation and planning for the received loans from various Banks of Qatar. The funds planning was done using excel spreadsheets and manually maintaining Master excel sheet locally. This manual task was time consuming and needed several associated consolidation and compiling activities to be done manually along with other team members.
CAS automation tool consolidated all the bank statements received from different banks and it is taken into a local Database and SQL queries were run to generate transaction-based reports efficiently. Also, this automation helped in managing supplier and vendor-based payments/receivables. The CAS automation tool here also provided weblink based option with the help of which local database could be shared (with access controls) with other team members on a web browser.
Finance management of loans, receivables/payments to Suppliers/Vendors became a very handy task for Chief Finance controller himself to manage independently, without any assistance from his team members. The collective activities and tasks, which earlier used to take 3.5 hours for whole compilation was cut down to 6 minutes using CAS Automation solution. This Company finally awarded CAS similar automation projects for other sister concerns of this firm. They also are in plans to automate other finance department related activities within the organization.

POC5 – Multiple Card transaction detection and reporting automation

Business problem
The Customer Billing and Settlement Manager of a Telco Company was manually consolidating and validating the Bank statement excel spreadsheets and POS/Credit/Debit card transaction statements by manually comparing transaction Excel spreadsheets in local Master excel sheet. This manual task had to meticulously done to capture transaction details timestamps wise and update Master excel sheet daily looking for duplicates or multiple transaction by same customers for same amount. The whole process was very much time consuming and had to be done on daily basis.
CAS automation tool consolidated all the excel sheets received from bank statements and transaction records into local Database and SQL queries were run to generate duplicates transaction of same amounts within short consecutive timings. The transactions timings were parsed and looked for same amount within nearby timestamps. The duplicate repetitive entries of similar amount transactions were reported efficiently using CAS automation tool. The reversal activities began to happen in a timely fashion
The duplicate transactions for same amounts were being reported in a timely fashion. It assisted in fraud detection of duplicate transactions and efficient reversal of payments started happening on time (very next day after validation). This automation helped us in fetching other Audit/Compliance related automation projects within the same organization.

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CornerStone App Solutions Market Plan

  1. Product Acceptance:
    Find out Business Managers who are willing to use the product to automate their day-to-day work and give it to their direct reports to use this automation solution.
  2. Product Marketing:
    - Going with the trend of free products, also offer a freemium product.
    - The freemium product will solve a variety of use cases in the domain of Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Operations Management, Travel, Payroll, Human Resources, Logistics, Stock exchanges related organizations, Oil and Gas Companies and dealers and Real estate Companies and vendors which we will convince them to become paying customers.
  3. Pricings:
    - We use Open source tools and applications which enable us to provide solutions at affordable and attractive prices.
    - We aim to offer value and utility and ultimately hoping for people to pay for the using product by subscription model.
    - It would be on a average $1 a day to $35 a month, as per use-case scenario.
(the perceived value is that it is better to use our product to automate Business workload instead of relying on In-House IT Services to automate the ERP or do any custom data processing work)
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Our Pricing Plans

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A detailed breakdown of the pricings can be seen below:


CAS Basic

1 User/Month.

Standalone / PostgreSQL / GUI.

3 Data Sources/ 1000 Daily Transactions.


CAS Standard

3 User/Month.

Excel Plugin / PostgreSQL / RDBMS.

10 Data Sources/ 2,500 Daily Transactions.


CAS Server

Unlimited: User/Month.

Cloud / Excel Plugin / PostgreSQL / RDBMS.

Unlimited Data Sources/ 2,500 Daily Transactions.

Interactive Data Visualization / Dashboard.

Web / Mobile Apps.