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(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation

Our ERP Expertise will let small business to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business.

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Process Automation

Providing Powerful Data Management Solutions to Automate your business processes; We will help you do more with less!

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Business Analytics

We help you make wise, Data-driven decisions and alleviate the burden on IT personnel, to grow your businesses to the Global Scale.

CornerStone App Solutions


We are team of experienced Business and Software Experts providing Automated Solutions.

CornerStone App Solutions is based out of and Bangalore, India.

We Build and Support Innovative Software Products. We are partnering and building Software Solutions for Small, Medium, Large Business for quite some time now.
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CornerStone App Solutions


CornerStone App Solutions enables Data owner and IT personnel by providing powerful Data management solutions. CornerStone App Solutions acts as a Self-serve Business Intelligence for Data Managers.
We are catalyst and Shadow IT for business in their efficient and continuous growth by Data Automation.
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CornerStone App Solutions

Our Vision

We are Dedicated to Providing Excellent Services that Exceeds Expectations.
Excellent Quality Services to exceed expectation and Exceptional customer service to innovation is our watchword.
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How CornerStone App Solutions works

The repeatedly received Spreadsheets are dragged and dropped into a place holder location (windows explorer path). Automation scripts within the Data automation application check’s for newly arrived files and takes these raw files and dumps it into local database and performs clean up activity.
Global ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) standard activities are followed with auto archiving and zipping of old data for Audit and compliance adherence.
Intelligent queries are run on these data to generate the previously generated Master Excel sheet. Several kinds of Crystal report like reports with email integration is bundled into the CAS Data automation solution(ExTRACT).
Since the data is locally available in database, more additional information using Data visualization can be portrayed to the end user.
Bundled Weblink and Workflow feature's of ExTRACT toolkit at an affordable price makes this application a wise choice for Business community.

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CornerStone App Solutions

Design and Development of Self-Serve Data Automation Platform solutions for Finance Domain.